raining l♥ve

I woke up to the sound of rain falling outside. You and I were entwined together amongst the sheets, your hair splayed out like the rays of the sun across the white linen pillowcase. I turned to look at you, still sleeping, your chest gently rising and falling in a duet with the pitter-patter outside.

Perhaps sensing that I was looking at you, you opened your eyes and looked at me. An eternal moment, one where time seems to stand still passed before us as we gazed into each other’s souls. Then you moved closer to me – lifting your arm up and around my neck, pulling me close into a tight embrace.

The cool air seemed to ignite the passion and I sought out your mouth, my hands running across your neck, over your back and around your curves. You pressed closer to me and I responded by pressing closer to you. Almost as one we kicked the sheets off and, as if on cue, the rain outside intensified and a bright flash of lightning ripped through the sky as we joined, with the rolling sound of thunder close behind.

Your breathing had become faster, more urgent and as I lay there, above you, I watched. We were in perfect harmony, on one level dancing a duet – our bodies instinctively knowing the next move and on another level, fleeting across the heavens, our souls rhythmically moving together.

More lightning, more thunder and the intense, rhythmic urgency of our lovemaking grew. I was lost in a wave of emotion that was you, swimming in you, through you and around you. 

Where I stopped and you started was lost as we became one.

Like a ball of fire, exploding out, we both burst, shuddering and moaning, climaxing together. Wave after wave of emotion ripped through us, each one more intense than the previous, taking us higher and higher to the point where my body, mind and soul shattered into a million tiny little sparkles drifting through the velvet night.

The passion leisurely ebbed, and we slowly re-claimed our bodies, basking in the gentle glow of our lovemaking. Outside, the rain too had slowed and quietened.

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