Hello! I just saw your reply to my morning weigh in post, I’m not sure I know completely what you mean, but in terms of thoughts, the only thoughts keeping me from getting to my goal weight are thoughts that tell me i want food. When I get upset about my body I often do want to turn to food, and have done a lot in the past, however I do often write my thoughts and feelings down on paper and often burn them. I honestly don’t think there is any thought that will stop me from reaching my goal weight, apart from the thought of getting ill, I do worry about that, hence why I do try and diet healthily. I hope this answers your question a bit? xxx

Thank you for replying. I’ll try and explain a bit more. In my experience there are sometimes negative feelings/thoughts we have about ourselves that keep us from achieving a certain goal weight. These feelings/thoughts are usually triggered by outside events or situations. As an example, you may get into a heated argument with someone and as a result of the argument, you come away from it feeling useless or bad about yourself. This negative feeling in turn triggers a desire to eat. Assuming you sometimes have these negative feelings, I was curious as to how you deal with them? You did mention writing them down, burning them etc. Do you do anything else? Hope this makes sense 🙂

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