Oh yeah! I totally understand now. Well I used to eat my feelings, and I used to cut myself cause I thought that was how they could be dealt with. I now tend to turn those negative feelings into motivation, I got a punch bag for my birthday so that often helps, it’s almost like punching out the bad emotions that make me want to eat. I also have a boyfriend and he is the only person who knows about my dieting and purging and stuff so it’s a massive help being able to pour everything out to him, rather than eat and eat and find myself in the bathroom again. Hopefully this is a bit more helpful! Was there any reason you wanted to know? To help you or? xxxx

I wanted to know because some of the work I do entails helping people deal with (as in resolve and clear out permanently) their negative emotions and feelings. I have found we get sad, sick, lonely, upset, etc. when suppress or inadequately express what we feel… I’m glad you have worked out a few ways to support yourself through the not-so-nice feelings 🙂 If you like, I’d be more than happy to explain / share info with you on what I do and how it helps others. You may find it is something you want to use / do – no drugs or religion involved :p – by the way, thanks for being so candid and helpful 🙂

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