THOR, a mini review

My favourite Marvel made movie thus far. A number of my much-loved actor-people (Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, Samuel L. Jackson to mention a few) are in it.

THOR is Directed by Kenneth Branagh, yes – he of Shakespeare fame and under his guidance everything comes together very nicely. Action, romance, special effects, betrayal, intrigue, friendship, humour, integrity and love are set against spectacular, sweeping vistas on Asgard; angular architecture on the frozen world of Jotunheim and a semi-desolate New Mexico desert town on Earth.

At no point did I get bored or dis-interested, which sometimes happens when the CGI (computer generated imagery) is over done, or the narrative a bit thin. The movie held me – enthralled me – for the total running time.

Chris Hemsworth as thunderous Thor; Anthony Hopkins as Odin the “god-father”; regal Renee Russo as Odin’s wife, Frigga; Tom Hiddleston’s twisted, tortured Loki; Natalie Portman’s interpretation of Arthur C. Clarke’s famous “magic and technology” quotation; Patrick Doyle’s exquisite score; Stan Lee’s traditional cameo; the final credits – especially… especially in 3D and the serendipitous, last minute, inclusion of Foo Fighters’ “Walk” add to an overall awesome experience. I’m going to see it again!

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