Grey Day

The man walked along the beach cutting a lonely, forlorn figure. His shoulders were hunched forward and his hands pushed deep into his overcoat pockets.  He stopped and gazed out to sea. If there had been others on the beach, they would have seen the tears slowly running down his face. But there weren’t others. He was alone.

“Alone…”, the word echoed through his mind.

He moved his gaze from the steely blue waves and up to the dark forbidding grey clouds. “A fitting day for a fitting act”, he murmured and trudged towards the pier. 

The wind seemed colder on the pier, stronger too, almost as if it wanted him to commit his act prematurely. He pushed his hands deeper into his pockets and turned his collar up.

At the end of the pier he stopped and stared intensely at the glassy depths around him. With deliberate precision he reached into another pocket and withdrew a photograph. A photograph of the only person he had ever truly loved. There would be no others now, not after what had happened…

The man unbuttoned the overcoat. Dropping it onto the pier he was wearing a pair of black undershorts. These, too, he removed.  Standing naked at the end of the pier he tore the photograph into fragments and scattered them in the whipping wind. He stared at where they landed on the ocean, not really seeing.

Mechanically the man climbed over the safety rail and dived into the icy depths below.  He came up for a single breath, sank and then the water was still.


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