My new home

I’ve had a presence on the web since way back when, circa 1994. The hosting provider where my site currently lives does strange things. Or maybe the hosting company doesn’t. Maybe it’s a team of gremlins pottering about and tinkering with the inner workings of my site when I am asleep. Whatever it is, I have grown tired of my site breaking for no apparent reason and decided to explore my options for a new host.

Off the bat it’s a toss-up between and Tumblr. I have used WordPress extensively for creating web sites for both myself and clients. I have a couple of other microblogs on Tumblr. I also want something where the hassle of configuring and installing is someone else’s problem.

I want to explore what it would be like to be a client and just use a system, instead of being the one doing the set-up and support. After a bit of thought, Tumblr won out. I like Tumblr’s posting simplicity. The lack of cost to use my own domain (from what I could see, charge to use your own domain) also counted in its favour.

So here I am. Welcome me, to my new home.

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