Clinton, not Trump, is the one to be afraid of

Let’s not talk about how bad Trump might be without at least some reflection on how bad Clinton actually is. Here are some of what is publicly, but not widely, known about Clinton, her behaviour and position:

Clinton cheated in debates and was given questions in advance;

• Clinton, together with the DNC, colluded to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign;

Clinton has ties to Wall Street, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches, the contents of which are still unknown;

• Clinton is of the view members of the financial industry should be the ones making financial regulations;

• Clinton voted in favour of bailing out the big banks in 2008 when it is widely known banks were responsible for the crisis through loans and speculation;

• Clinton has received more campaign money from drug and pharmaceutical companies than any candidate in either party;

• Clinton’s campaign received nearly $7 million from the fossil fuel industry;

Clinton has supported fracking in the past as Secretary of State;

• Clinton has openly supported the death penalty;

• During the email controversy she deleted many thousands of messages which is a violation of the law;

• Clinton has supported free trade agreements. The very same agreements which cost jobs;

• Trump has been called a bigot but Clinton has opposed gay rights for decades until recently;

But perhaps most hypocritically of all, Clinton supported the building of a 700 mile long concrete and steel fence “Secure Fence Act” along the US Mexican border.

Bernie Sanders was a much better candidate than Hillary Clinton but she took him out of the picture. Maybe it would have been a good idea to exercise those constitutional rights and moral obligations towards her before Election Day came and went. The horse has bolted and it’s too late to complain now.

The USA voted for a change. It might not be the best change but I’d have voted for Trump over Clinton and her nefarious track record any day.

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